Dance Descriptions & Video Links

*The Dance Descriptions & Video Links page will have a large and growing amount of information in it, and should be structured as follows. There should be separate sub-pages for each of the following categories:
Albanian Dances
Armenian Dances
Bulgarian Dances
Croatian & Bosnian Dances
Dervish Whirling
Greek Dances
Israeli Dances
Macedonian Dances
Romanian Dances
Russian Dances
Serbian Dances
Ukrainian Dances
Yiddish Dances
Within each of these sub-pages (except for the Dervish Whirling one) there will be an alphabetized list of dances from that region. Clicking on an item on each dance list should lead to a separate page of the written description for that dance plus (eventually) a link to a You Tube video of the same dance. I have word files of all these dance descriptions, but it will take me time to build up the You Tube videos, some of which I have on video but not yet on You Tube, others of which I still need to film.